Andros is home to the third largest coral reef in the world.

On one side, the warm and gentle “inner waterways” are great for kayaking,  swimming,   snorkeling, and diving. The outer waters are known as the Tongue of the Ocean, very deep and cold, and are perfect for deep sea fishing and sailing.

There are many ways to encounter the Atlantic Ocean….

The Reef



The waters of Andros are calm enough for visitors of every age. All beaches on Andros are public property, so finding the perfect spot is fun and safe!




The novice or experienced snorkeler will be delighted with the massive reef off of Andros. Miles of breathtaking coral and rainbow fish coexist with human visitors. Our experienced guides know all the most spectacular marine vistas.



Take our resort SCUBA certification class  or  come pre-certified to dive the ocean depths. MAIC facilitates diving adventures through local, professional dive resorts. Don’t forget proof of certification!



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